Reactable Systems and Ongoing Research

On February 2009, the creators of the Reactable founded the spin-off company Reactable Systems, with the mission of bringing the Reactable to the mass-market and of redefining the way we interact with computers. Using the knowledge gained through the Reactable musical instrument and applying the latest technologies in human computer interaction, music technology, graphics and computer vision, Reactable Systems is developing intuitive products focused on the promotion of creativity and the mediation of culture.

While Reactable Systems is thus responsible for all the product oriented work and development done around the Reactable, such as the release of the Reactable Experience, the Reactable Live or the Reactable Mobile (for Iphone and Ipad), our research team continues with the longer-term and more experimental research and development in the area of musical tabletops. This includes from purely technological projects such as low-latency sensing technologies for musical tabletops, user studies that evaluate the adequacy of this type of musical interfaces from diverse perspectives and for different types of users, such as the potential benefits of the Reactable with autistic children and special learning groups, to the combination of the Reactable with MIR techniques also developed at the MTG, for the exploration of the future DJ experience.